ODCC Qualifications and Standings

Once again we will be sending a team (possibly two teams) to compete in the Old Dominion Club Championships. This is a match play competition similar to VTI for amateur players. Each team will consist of seven players (3 Advanced, 2 Intermediate, 1 Master, and 1 Lady) who will compete one on one with their matching player from another team to win a point for their team. The highest scoring teams will advance to the finals and hopefully take home the traveling trophy.

Qualification Requirements

This year the qualifications are much simpler than last year, with the final team choices being based solely on performance numbers and some basic minimums.

  • Only amateur players (according to the PDGA) who have never accepted cash in a PDGA event can qualify.
  • You must be a Colonial Club member to compete on the team.
  • You must have competed in at least two PDGA tournaments within the 2017 calendar year
  • Rankings on performance are based on the following:
    • Tournament performance
    • Average round rating in 2017 versus your actual rating (you are rewarded for improvement in your game, and the reverse is true)
    • Weekly results (Success in higher divisions weighs heavier than bagging lower divisions)

Current Standings

*Note on included tournaments:

If you participated in a PDGA tournament that you do not see included in the list below, please send an email to questions@colonialdgc.com to let us know to add that event to our numbers.

Current Ranking:
Updated 8-7-2017

Qualified RankRaw RankPlayerTotal Am ScoreRating Change %Weekly PointsMasters Elligible?Gender2017 PDGA Tournaments
11Stephen Meade383-0.84%8NoM3
22Shane Hochstetler381-0.53%7NoM3
33Triston Lambert3810.87%40NoM8
44Larry Merrill381-1.10%79YesM8
56Daniel Braught374-0.32%33NoM2
67Alex Minter367-0.44%32NoM2
711Matthew Mueller359-0.22%2NoM3
812John Newton359-1.57%22NoM8
913Joe Rowe3560.00%43NoM3
1016Tommy Douglas354-0.46%52NoM5
1117Robert Zenhye352-0.80%20NoM3
1220Lavon Hochstetler3490.69%12YesM2
1321Paul Hubert3470.00%30NoM4
1423Jimmy Wright344-1.05%4NoM3
1524Nace Jarman3400.00%13YesM4
1626Kelly Kat Douglas3400.24%21NoF9
1727Adam Miller3390.12%0NoM5
1828Shawn Peterson3380.00%17NoM2
1929John Rynders II337-0.60%22NoM8
2031Lauren Bonine3293.46%4NoF3
2154Ian Winslow316-1.39%5NoM3
2258Hugh Winslow285-0.42%23YesM3
n/a5TJ Auth37550NoM0
n/a8Aaron Bonine36412NoM0
n/a9Stephen Auth36025NoM0
n/a10Greg Lambert360-0.22%30YesM1
n/a14Jimmy Vivirito3546YesM0
n/a15Jeremiah Mims35418NoM0
n/a18Brian Bayford35222YesM0
n/a19CJ Dube3491NoM0
n/a22Joe Clifton3460NoM0
n/a25Nick Sweeney3400.00%40NoM1
n/a30Kevin Overly3293NoM0
n/a32Tyler Tozier3270.00%11NoM1
n/a33Talyn Strum3264YesM0
n/a34Brian S32615NoM0
n/a35Dustin B32615NoM0
n/a36Joshua Tyman32615NoM0
n/a37Alex Heintz3259NoM0
n/a38Ezra Hite3256NoM0
n/a39Justin Buchart3255NoM0
n/a40Talina Melanson32512NoF0
n/a41Tyler Shalaski32511NoM0
n/a42Warren Spears32514NoM0
n/a43Alex Layman3244NoM0
n/a44Anthony Scandozza3242NoM0
n/a45David Herrera3240NoM0
n/a46Dylan F3240NoM0
n/a47Gary S3240NoM0
n/a48Joshua Nuzzo3240NoM0
n/a49Jumber T3242NoM0
n/a50Phil Buckingham3243NoM0
n/a51Ryan A3240NoM0
n/a52Stephen Glancy3240NoM0
n/a53Matt Horton3230.00%18NoM1
n/a55Bob Bombelyn3167YesM0
n/a56Thomas Johnson310-0.26%10NoM1
n/a57Aaron Flietner2860NoM0

Included Events:

11th Annual Spring Pro/Am
2017 Tour De Richmond Sponsored by RVA Disc Life- All Other Amateur Divisions
2017 Tour De Richmond Sponsored by RVA Disc Life- All Pro divisions and MA1
20th Annual Spring Pro/Am
9th Annual No Quarter at New Quarter
A Couple Days in May
Battlefield Open 2017
Betty Queen Open - Am
Betty Queen Open - Pro
Blue Ridge Open
Lord of the Thorns II - All AM Divisions Except MA1
Lord of the Thorns II - MA1 and PRO
March Maddisc
Mid-Atlantic Junior Championship
ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge AM sponsored by Latitude 64 - All AM except MA1 & MM1
ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge AM sponsored by Latitude 64 - MA1 & MM1
ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge PRO
ODDS #2 - Sherando Spartan AM
ODDS #2 - Sherando Spartan PRO
ODDS Event #3: K’Crushka 2017, AMs except MA1
ODDS Event #3: K’Crushka 2017, PRO and MA1
Southern Hills Hybrid Classic Presented by Dynamic Discs
Spike Hyzer's: Battle in the Blue Ridge V
Spotsy's Finest Open
The Brouhaha at Bluemont
The Chatty Caddies Open
The Diva DeVille Open