2019 Membership

$15 – 2019 Membership includes:

– Reduced Weekly event fees- Save $2 on Tuesday Night Weekly and $1 Winter Weekly entry fees
– Club Banking*– Build up your winnings from club events
– Early Registration for club events – registration opens up to 1 week early for club members
– Ace Pins for aces during any club event (weekly, monthly, and tournaments)
– Special offers throughout the year for club members only – shirts, discs, etc.
$5 off PDGA Yearly Membership
– Voting Rights for Club Members
– Reduced greens fees at New Quarter Park – Save $25 on a season pass! (Non-York County residents)

You can join at any club event, meeting, or use the link provided below:

Web sign-up currently not available.

Players may bank prizes won during any club event for Banking Points. Members may redeem their Banking Points at any time during the year for their choice of club merchandise that is available at that time. Members may choose to redeem for limited edition merchandise such a custom print shirts and merchandise as they become available throughout the year. Members will be able redeem their Banking Points for reduced entry fees for all 2019 club sponsored events. Banking Points may be redeemed for entry fee based on:
2 Banking Points = $1 entry fee.

Banking Points will need to be redeemed before the 2020 membership drive. Banking Points will not carry over into the following year.

Current Banking

2017 Members

Current club members for 2017
MemberPDGA #
Aaron Bonine13558
Aaron Flietner87111
Aaron Hacket32670
Adam Miller88517
Alex Durant
Alex Heintz
Alex Layman
Alex Minter58830
Anthony Scandozza
Autumn Grace50514
Ben Lengel37245
Bob Bombelyn53705
Brian Bayford33580
Brian S
Burt Grimsley
Carl Jones30866
CJ Dube90579
Daniel Braught45970
David Golay61855
David Herrera
Dustin B
Dylan F
Erin Prescott49378
Ezra Hite
Gary S
Greg Lambert78950
Guido Alvarez
Hugh Winslow39160
Ian Winslow45974
Jennifer Devries44704
Jeremiah Mims78368
Jeremy Spielhagen60247
Jimmy Vivirito12175
Jimmy Wright73530
JJ Burns74312
Joe Clifton46511
Joe Rowe
John Newton44596
John Roy15925
John Rynders II87762
Joshua Nuzzo
Joshua Tyman
Jumber T
Justin Buchart
Justin Mead
Kelly Kat Douglas56824
Kevin Overly85040
Kyle Wilson88480
Larry Merrill53067
Lauren Bonine50320
Lavon Hochstetler55704
Martin Ferenc32297
Matt Horton
Matthew Mueller91213
Nace Jarman78546
Nick Sweeney98518
Paul Hubert
Phil Buckingham
Ricky Snapp25999
Robert Zenhye90209
Roland F
Ryan A
Sean Campbell32525
Sean Martin59519
Shane Hochstetler63785
Shane Lynch17613
Shawn Peterson
Stephen Auth75060
Stephen Glancy
Stephen Meade59523
Talyn Strum85301
Taylor Nollinger80775
Thomas Johnson77495
Tim Dempsey27388
TJ Auth51542
Tommy Douglas56823
Triston Lambert78951
Tyler Shalaski
Tyler Tozier98382
Walt Winnington29870
Warren Spears
William McKendree84805